The Personal Injury Lawyer In Niagara Falls Explains The Common Causes of Car Crashes

Car accidents are common and often, mistakes are done on the road leading to such mishaps, as the Personal Injury Lawyer in Niagara Falls says. The drivers may know about the general safety measures and rules of the roads but still make mistakes from time to time, and the consequences may become quite serious. Some common causes of road mishaps are the following:


Getting ahead on the road when driving is common psychology. When you are overtaken by other vehicles, the competitive spirit may take over, which leads you to speed up and take unnecessary risks. High speed increases the chance of accidents and severity of injuries manifold, as the Personal Injury Lawyer in Niagara Falls says. Faster cars on the road have higher chances of causing accidents than those conforming to the speed limits. Speeding cars need more braking distance to stop safely. When the speed is slow, quickly stopping is easy, but at a higher speed, it skids to a distance before that.

Also, at a higher speed, the capability of judging the forthcoming events gets reduced, and it is easy to make judgment errors as the Personal Injury Lawyer in Niagara Falls.

Drunk driving 

Getting behind the wheels after getting drunk is the worst mistake one can make because alcohol creates a mental haze and reduces concentration. This decreases one’s body’s reaction time, and consequently, the limbs fail to react to the brain’s commands immediately. Dizziness hampers the vision on the road, and people get liquid courage to take unnecessary risks. Such factors combine to make drunk driving extremely dangerous both for that person and others on the road.

Studies show that every 0.05 increase in the concentration of blood alcohol doubles the possibility of accidents. Besides many drugs and alcohol, some medicines also impair the senses, thereby interfering with one’s driving abilities. When you cannot avoid merrymaking with your friends or drinking alcohol, the Personal Injury Attorney in Niagara Falls wants you to get a friend to drive you home.

Distracted driving 

Even a few seconds of looking away from the road when driving may cause serious accidents. Distracting factors are present both outside the vehicle and inside, and mobile phones are the biggest culprit. When a person becomes engaged in a conversation on the phone, then the cognitive processes become directed towards the conversation, which consequently leads to reduced focus on the driving. This reduced focus further disables the person to judge and react spontaneously, which leads to the car crash. One should simply pull aside on the road to attend to any incoming calls. According to the Personal Injury Attorney in Niagara Falls, other possible distractions include mirror adjustments while driving, radio or stereo blaring, billboards, banners, or animals appearing suddenly.

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